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September 22, 2013
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I was hanging out with Akaito and Kaito. We were watching some movie. I really wasn’t paying attention because I was texting Miku. I sighed and they both looked over.

“Honestly Kaito, how can you date Miku?” I asked. “She’s having another meltdown.”

“She is? What about?” Kaito asks getting his phone out.

“About her next performance. She said everything is going wrong and is flipping out,”  I said. “I try to calm her down but it never works.”

“I’ll talk to her,” he said and went to the other room.

After awhile Akaito got closer to me and said, “So just us . . . in the dark . . . watching a movie.”

I pinched his hand and took it off my shoulder. “No. Just no,” I said.

“Why?” he asks as in pain or pouting or both.

“Because I like another guy and he’s very sweet . . . sometimes,” I said. “It’s just I’ve never been alone with him. Every time I see him, he is in a piss poor mood.”

---- Few days ago

I was walking past the convince store when I heard punches landing. I was soon pushed away by running men from the ally. I landed right on my butt. I soon saw Taito in the ally by a dumpster. I got up and went to him.

His jacket was opened and exposed his bare chest. He was hurt really bad this time. Even though they weren’t open I could tell his purple eyes would be void of color. His short dark purple hair was a mess and went everywhere. I felt terrible. How could someone do this to him?

I touched him and in an instant he grabbed my hand forcefully. “I swear to god if you touch me again you’ll regret it,” he says and then opens his eyes. “(Name)?!” His grip fell. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was you.”

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Do I look it?” he snapped.

“No,” I said. I took his hand and didn’t let go. He just let me take it and lead him where ever I wanted.

I took him home and then cleaned him up. I took off his jacket and put that into clean and came back to bandage him up. He just let me work on him while he watched TV. I was right though. His eyes . . . were emotionless and lost their shine.

He had a wound on his neck, chest, hands, and arms. He also had one on his head that I wrapped and then saw the guy tried to go for his eye and Taito had his hair covering it. I wrapped that and when I finally got done he was covered in bandages. I felt even worse seeing it all on him.

I cared about him a lot since I was a kid. Kaito and I were childhood friends. Since Taito was Kaito’s younger brother I saw him a lot when I went over. He was always getting hurt or in fights. I hated to see him hurt so badly.

“Why are you staring,” He asks.

I shook my head. “S-Sorry,” I said. “So what was it over this time?”

“My eyes,” he said. “I guess they are a curse.”

“No, they’re not!” I said and made him look at me. His eye widened since the other one was bandaged up. He never saw me have an outburst as such and I didn’t know what to do so I went with it. “Your eyes are amazing and beautiful. They can tell me how you’re feeling or secretly saying. So what if they’re a different color than most? That’s what makes you . . . you. And I don’t care what they say. You’re amazing.”

He looked down and moved my hands. “You make me sound like a great guy but I’m not. I’m worthless.”

I wanted to smack him at that but I didn’t. Instead I got on his lap and kissed him. He was so shocked he couldn’t move. I backed off. “You’re not worthless. So stop saying it. Everyone and thing is put here for a reason. You just have to find it.” I smiled lightly. “So find it.”

----Present day

“I said no Akaito,” I said pushing him off once more.

“You have yet to say who he is so I refuse to believe there is a guy and you’re playing hard to get,” he said with a cocky smile. Taito soon came in and some of his bandages were gone because they had healed. “Hey, Taito.”

“I found it,” he said softly.

“Found what?” Akaito said.

“My reason,” he said and then came over to me. “It’s you, (Name).”

“M-M-Me?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said. “You’re always there, help me, take care of me, pick me up when I’m down, and make sure I’m okay.” I blushed.

He then kissed me softly and I put my hands on his shoulders since they weren’t hurt. I swore at one point I saw fireworks.

“Guys! I’m right here,” Akaito said.

“And you were just leaving too,” Taito said. I giggled when Akaito left. Taito blushed and kissed me a little and backed off. “You’re my reason.”

“I’m happy you found it. Now what are you going to do with your reason?” I asked.

“I’m going to take care of my reason and love it forever,” he said and held me. I hugged him back and smiled.
I wanted to take a break from Requests and after this song… i thought Taito was perfect. He's cute and I don't see him a lot and he hardly has any songs (again of what i see) so I give him love!

i don't own Vocaloid bir the picture. Picture found on google. story is mine.
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