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August 30, 2013
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(Little warning: This is Silver we’re talking about so there will be cussing.)

It was pissing me off. It pissed me off so much. How was she with a guy like him?! I mean really? How? He was a complete ass to her. All he did was keep an arm around her and checked out her chest. He would smack her ass and make out with her when she didn’t want to. Needless to say he was a fucking asshole to her.

She was so nice and perfect. Her smile was so cute and when I upset or pissed off that smile made me feel so much better. It’s like it melted my anger away and yet I couldn’t even talk to her. I got so frustrated and pissed off at myself. I tried not to say anything in fear of upsetting her. I never want to upset her because I really cared for her.

She wasn’t like the others. She understood me and took the time to do so. She got passed my horrible attitude and I could be more myself since she got passed the padlocks to my heart. I know that sounds girly and stupid but it’s true. After my father, I put so many barriers around myself so I wouldn’t get hurt again. Truthfully I hated being an ass and being hated.

I hated the monster I become. My mother would hate me. This monster I became. But (Name) . . . she didn’t care about that at all. She liked me no matter what. She saw passed it all to the real me. I don’t know what I would do without her. Probably hate the world again. I used to hurt myself by cutting myself but (Name) found out and she cried. She cried so much at that and I stopped. I never wanted her cute face to shed tears over me again. Her sweet, innocent and caring eyes turning into sad, depressed eyes over me.

But right now I was mad, no pissed. Maybe even livid. Seeing (Name) with her ‘boyfriend’. I wanted to kill him so badly. Figuratively speaking and turning into literal. He wasn’t worthy for (Name). She deserved someone better that that asshole. He made her cry a lot and I hated him so much.

All he did was keep her as a trophy on his arm. He had no feelings for her and I often saw him with other girls. When I confronted him about it he said why stick to one whore when you can have many. I beat the hell out of him until his gang came and beat the crap out of me. (Name) soon found me in the ally and she patched me up. I wanted to tell her the truth but I did. She loved him so I lied. I said it was some punks who made fun of my hair. She soon said she loved it and smiled. I lost all my anger at that smile.

How could I ruin him for her? I wanted to so badly but she loved him. She truly loved him and he was only using her. He had to have been using her from the start. Like I said he was using her because of her beauty and wanted an arm candy.  She was much more than that. She was a friend and a sweetheart. She was my one and only friend. A true friend.

I couldn’t take it anymore after she ran away crying. I went after her and soon found her at our spot. It was on a log in front of the pond in the middle of the forest. She was holding her eyes and softly crying. I went over to her and then held her.

“S-Silver?” she asks softly and then held me. She cried in my shoulder and I held her closer. “He broke up with me. H-He broke up with me because he said I wasn’t pretty enough anymore. She said I was ugly. Maybe he’s right.” I didn’t really pay attention to that last sentence. That fucking bastard. She wasn’t pretty enough?! She was beautiful. How could he not see that? I was so pissed I wanted to punch something but since I was holding (Name) I didn’t and just held her.

After awhile she calmed down enough. She backed off and I wiped her eyes. “Thank you, Silver. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to cry. I . . . I . . .” she said and hiccupped.

I took this chance and leaned in to kiss her. Her lips were cool and soft. They were plump.  She held onto my shoulders and I got closer as I went threw her soft (hair color) (hair length) hair. She shivered and got even closer to me.  

I backed up and stared in her (eye color) eyes and smiled. She blushed. “You are so cute,” I said putting her hair behind her eye and smiled. It was rare for me to smile so that must have caught her off guard even more. She was really cute right. A cute little mess. Her eyes wide from shock and red from crying. Her hair a mess from me playing with it.

I leaned in again and kissed her. This time she melted into it and sat on my lap. She soon messed with my hair this time and I held on her waist. I shivered when she grabbed my cowlick. How did she know that was my weak spot?

I made us break apart before I lost myself in the kiss and went too far. I didn’t want to lose myself and go too far. She panted and stared at me with those big (eye color) eyes. I petted her cheek. “(Name), I want you to know you’re beautiful. More than any girl I know. Inside and out. So what if that asshole doesn’t see it. I do.”

“Silver,” She said softly. I loved how she said my name like that. It sent a chill down my spine and I loved it.

“Yes,” I asked softly. I made sure to watch my tone.

“I want to be your girlfriend,” she demanded bluntly. Yet another reason why I loved her. Loved her? Did I love (Name)? I practically did. Was I the guy I thought was better for her? I loved that kiss and wanted to protect her but would I be able to do that? If she chose me I had to be able to do it. I wanted to do it. I wanted to protect her from all the idiots out there.

“As you wish,” I said. I knew she liked prince like characters so that was a good response but it wasn’t me nor was being a complete asshole all the time. I just wanted to be me. All I had to do was find out who me was. (Name) would help out a lot with that because I think she knew who he was. Now I need to find out. I never thought someone would find the key I threw away.
Ahh i hate titles. Anyway this is another present for my best friend :iconcorax-x: Still awhile until your birthday but she wanted a Silver x reader and hope you like this one. i thought doing it in silver's pov would be a good change and then have him wisk you away from your old boyfriend.

i blame this song for my inspiration:…

I don't own pokemon or the picture. picture found on google. story is mine.
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Well, his father is an evil guy, so he could've meant that he never thought that someone could find the good in him.
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