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October 7, 2012
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You were sitting on the couch watching a movie with (Favorite small pokémon) on your lab. It was raining and you had thought that'd be the best thing to do on a night like this. It was really calm and relaxing out.

Or that was until your doorbell rang. You put (F/S/P) on the side and went to answer it. It was Silver and he was drenched.

"S-Silver, what are you?" you ask frantically.

"You gonna ask questions or let me in?" He asked harshly.

You step aside and said, "Come in. Come in." He came in and you closed the door. "Um, I'll see if Gold has some clothes that fit you and a towel. So you don't get sick. Please make yourself comfortable."

He went over to the couch and sat down. Where as you went in your roommate's room and got some clothes. Luckily Gold was bigger than Silver. You then ran into the bathroom and got a towel.

You went back to the soaked redhead. He was petting (F/S/P). You went over to him and said, "Here I don't think he'll mind you borrow these. And here to dry your hair." You said giving him the towel. He took it and you sat down next to him.

He got up and went to the bathroom to change. You got up to make some hot chocolate for him. You made it and sat back down before he came back out.

You'd always liked Silver but he had a harder time expressing himself than Red. He usually got frustrated and ended up curing like a sailor. Maybe worse. You weren't afraid of Silver like everyone else. You found him kinda cute actually.

He came back and sat down. "I . . . uh . . . made you some hot chocolate to warm you up. If you want it. That is," you say nervously trying not to set him off in cursing fit.

He took a sip and put it down. "Thanks."

"Silver, if I can ask why were you out there in that?"

"I was out training and I was trying to find somewhere to rest from it. Luckily I remember where you and that idiot lives," he said. "And even more luckily that idiot isn't here."

"Yeah, Gold went out drinking with Red and Green. I can call them to come over if you want."

"No!" he snapped. He saw that he freighting you. He sighed and said, "What I mean is you don't have to. I would rather just have you here."

'He want's to be alone with me?' you thought.

"Alright," you said. "Do you want to warm up and watch a movie with me?"

"I guess," he said. "What one?"

"(Favorite Movie). Is that alright?"

"Sure," he said.

"I'll go get a blanket for you. Can you have Typhlosion make a fire?"

"Sure," he said. He took out a pokéball and Typhlosion came out. You went to get a spare blanket off your bed.

When you came back Typhlosion and (F/S/P) were together on the floor near the fireplace and it was set. Silver was still shivering. You went over and put the blanket over him. Then you sat down next to him and pressed play on the menu screen.

After awhile Silver got more comfortable around you. He was fond of you. Meaning he didn't hate spending time with you. And you knew he never would admit either but you knew that.

Halfway threw the movie you got kinda cold. He pulled you into him and covered you with the blanket. You looked up at him curiously.

He blushed and looked away. "You know you should take your own advice, (Name). If you stay cold you could get a cold as well."

"T-Thanks, Silver," you said. Silver was warm. Surprising since we was drenched to the bone a minute ago. He even smelled like the rain.

"(Name), so are you warmer?" he asked nervously.

"Yeah. You sure warm up fast," you said. For some reason you were feeling safer than you normally felt.

After that you leaned against him and watched the movie together. He liked the way you leaned against him. You weren't afraid of him like everyone else. And he could smell your (Favorite Scent) shampoo. He kinda liked it. Just as you with the scent of rain.

When he thought you were asleep he put his arm around you. This made you blush like crazy. It was kinda like you were on a date with him. And you liked it every bit. Silver begain to get really comfortable.

The fully evolved fire starter looked up at his trainer and gave him a look like, 'Make your move. She's right there.'

Silver shook his head like he was saying 'No way'. Of course Silver wanted to make his move on you but he didn't want to get rejected or for gold to come in and get the wrong idea.

His starter wasn't going to give up that easily. He looked up at (Name). "What is it Typhlosion?" You asked. You sat up and petted his head. He just looked up at you. "Silver, did you feed Typhlosion?"

"Yeah I've fed him," Silver said. "Typhlosion should just knock it off"

"Something wrong, Silv?" You asked.

"Not really," he said. His fire starter just face palmed at his stupid trainer for not making a move on you.

You looked at him curiously. "I don't believe you. Silv, you can tell me if you want I mean it's no problem. If something's bugging you. You can tell me. I worry about you."

He looked away and blushed. "I promise it's nothing. You don't have to worry about me."

You moved his face so he was looking at you. "You don't have to do things on your own. You can tell someone, aka me, when something's wrong."

"I can't tell you, (Name)."

"Dammit Silver," you said getting fed up with him acting like that. "You don't, I repeat don't, have to do things on your own. You CAN trust people. You're not alone."

"I know that, (Name). You think I don't? It's just if I can't deal with my problems why should others? Why you think I can't take care of them myself?" Now Silver was misdirecting his rage. Being an ass if you will.

"Fine. If you're gonna be a dick, I'm just going to go to bed so you can just stay here and be an ass," You said getting off the couch.

He grabbed you hand. "Wait. Fine I'll tell you even though you might not like it."

You sat back down thinking this would be good if Silver was actually going to tell you something. But then again he was acting really weird lately. You gave him a look like 'Well, go ahead'.

He sighed. "Fine. It might actually be better to show you."

"Show me?" you asked curiously.

He got closer and said, "Yes, show you." He put his hand behind your head and slowly leaned in. You begain to get nervous and embarrassed. You felt like you had a million of Butterfree in your stomach swirling around and around. It got worse the closer he got.

Finally he pressed his lips on yours. And as you expected with him it was forcefully. He moved into your mouth forcefully as well. He battled you for dominance but you didn't give that us so quickly.

He laid you down on the couch and got on top of you. Still battling over it. But just so his ego wouldn't be damaged you gave it up to him. You went in his mouth and discovered what all laid in there.

He playfully bit your tongue making you pull completely back. You looked him in the eyes and held your mouth. He smiled.

"What?" You asked.

"Nothing," he said. "You're so innocent."

"I am?"

He smiled. "Yes. You are. It's kinda cute."

You put your arms behind his neck. "I'm cute?"

"That a bad thing? I thought you liked to be called cute," he asked.

"It's alright but is there anything else?" You asked before you kissed him again. But this time he came into your mouth. Exploring his new territory.

After awhile you both pulled back panting. "I guess not as much as I thought," he said.

"It's fun to prove you wrong," you said playfully.

"You're gonna pay for that," he said. After that he picked you up and took you to your room.
So um yeah . . . . . derp.

found the picture on google. Don't own anything so um yeah.
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