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“So what do we do now?” I asked so cutely.

“It’s your decision,” He replied. “It’s your family.”

I looked down and then hugged him. “I want to see him but I’m afraid of what will happen with you.”

“Then teach me,” he said. “But is the collar necessary?”

“Yes, it say you’re my pet. No one can touch you but still that doesn’t mean much,” I said.

He sighed. “I thought as much. Come on. We can go shopping for one and then you can teach me when we get home,” he said.

That’s what we did. We got a normal black color and name tag that said Green on it. And a leash. Then we went home. We went to his room and then told him to sit on the bed.

I sat next to him and put the name tag on the collar. “This is so embarrassing,” Green said.

“Hold still,” I said. I put it on him and put it on. “There how’s that?”

“It’s alright,” he said. “So then what do I need to do?”

“Well since you are going to be a pet. Pet’s usually praise and speak well of their owners. And do anything their owner says. If I was sitting you’d sit between my legs and rest your head on my lap where I could rub your head. You wouldn’t obey anyone but me.”

“So far this isn’t so bad,” he said.

“We treat our pets really well,” I said. “Also you don’t speak unless spoken to.”

“So then give me a command,” he said. I didn’t know what command to give.

I blushed. “Kiss me.” He smiled. And then grabbed the back of my head and kissed me. I got closer to him and he rubbed my back. I moaned and backed off. “G-Green.”

“Yes, Master?” he asked. It was funny to hear him say this since it would be me saying that and his ego would have gotten in the way. I giggled. “What?”

“You’re funny when you’re submissive,” I said.

“Well la dee da,” he said.

“Let’s see what else do you need to be able to do?” I asked. “You need to be obedient and submissive. And Protective. Like willing to die for me but yet knowing your place.”

“Alright. Is that all?” he asked.

“Pretty much. You ready to see Kaname then?”

“Yeah.” he said. He got off and I took out his cell phone, pokégear, pager and ever other electronic he had. “Can’t have them?”

“No,” I said. “We don’t have it so you’d raise some flags.” He called the gym once and said he’d been gone for a while but he’d be back soon.

Then we headed out to the forest and found Kaname talking to a Rattata. “Be careful now alright,” he asked.

I went up to him and hugged him from behind. “Kaname!” I said.

“So you’re here huh? That didn’t take long,” he said. I got off of him and he got up.

“Yeah. Green learns fast,” I said.

“Alright then,” Kaname said. “Turn half.” He turned half into an Umbreon and I turned as well. Growing our ears and tails. “Where’s the leash?”

“Right,” I said. I hooked it on Green. “Thank you for doing this. It’s just I never got to say good-bye to mom and . . .”

He smiled. “It’s alright. I understand. I’d do the same,” he said.

After that we headed out. It took a good hour to get to the boat place we used when we went to the mainland. And then that took another hour.

When we got there it looked normal. We followed Kaname back into the castle. It was bigger than I remembered. More towers too. It was made out of stone bricks and there were Jolteon statues every where. To say the king was a Jolteon.

But to get to the castle you had to go past a bride to get there. Where you had to go past a booth saying you were a transformer.

We got to the booth. “Names?”

“Kaname (Last name).”

“(First name) (Last name) and my pet, Green,” I said.

“Royal family, huh. Alright. You may pass,” he said and then we went inside.

The buildings were livelier and it was so peaceful here. Not busy like Viridian City. People and pokémon running around. And half-humans. I felt kind of free to be myself. There were new shops up as well.

“Master,” Green said into my ear. “If I may impose, this castle is huge.”

“We’re not even there yet,” I said.

“What?” he asked.

“Yeah. It’s up there. This is the castle town. Where transformers, humans, and pokémon can rest. Though all transformers are half or pokémon and all humans are either slaves or pets,” I said.

I squealed when I saw Arcanine. Both males looked at me. I ran up to him. Completely forgetting I had Green’s Leash in my hand. I stopped when I saw him. “Arcanine,” I said.

He turned to see me. “(N-Name)? You came back?”

I smiled. “For now. Oh, this is my friend . . . er pet, Green. He saved my life. He has an Arcanine as a friend and he’s really nice.”

“Oh, this is that Arcanine,” Green asked.

“Yeah,” I said with a smile.

Arcanine bit my skirt down for me to get down. “You shouldn’t have come back. You should have stayed free.”

“Well I want to say good-bye to the king and then I’ll leave. I can take you with me if you want,” I said.

“No,” he said. “While you were gone I mated. I have a pup on the way.”

“Aww. I hope that fairs you well,” I said. I petted his head. “I know you’ll be a good father to your child. Mostly because of how much you helped me. But I better get going. It was nice to see you old friend.”

“As you,” he said as I got up.

Green and I went back to Kaname. “Alright. Sorry,” I said. We continued to the castle and we saw Alexander. He growled but then saw Green and backed off. Kaname took off. I also saw Zero, Jake, Ayame and a few others.

All day I showed Green spots where I would go when I was sad. The pond with trees all around it and the meadow with my favorite flowers, (favorite Flower). They were dying now because the winter months were close but they were still beautiful.

Green was amazed at the beauty. He said he never found a more beautiful place in the world. Also he never saw as many pokémon as there were here. Or types. He said some were extinct but they weren’t.

Green and I were having a blast. And I was so happy to finally show him all this.

“So then what next, Master?” Green asked.

“Um, I guess I could show you my old room,” I said.

We went back into the castle and then I went to my room. The familiar corridors and stairs. We passed a lot of maids. Human maids. They were slaves unfortunately.

We got there and I closed the door behind us. “It’s kind of plain huh?”

All it had inside this room was a queen-sized bed, a large book shelf, a toy chest and a carpet where I’d play, a fireplace and two chairs facing that way with a small end table between them.

Green examined the room. “It looks how I kind of imagined. A lot of books and a queen-sized bed. Two essentials for you. Why do you like to read so much?”

I went over to a chair and sat down. “Mom used to read to me right here. Every night before I was to go to sleep. She’d do it all the time. Once she died Ayame did it. Until she had to go away wars and stuff. Then I read to myself,” I said. Green came over and sat down.

“Tell me more about her,” he said.

So I did. The rest of the day I talked about her. Then my father knew I was here because he sent maids in to tell me and serve us supper. They came back to take the plates back and said I had an audience with him first thing tomorrow morning.

That night we slept in my bed and with Green there I felt safe. None of the monsters that haunted me as a kid were there anymore. Just knowing Alexander wouldn’t come in here was better.

And that night I had a dream about my mom. She was happy that I had Green. She liked him a lot and saw that I was happy with him. She never wanted me to marry Alexander but she wanted me to with Green.

And I was happy I had her approval. Maybe that’s what I needed to feel better out Green and I’s relationship. Maybe now if I do have pups I will feel better. I wasn’t scared so it would be.

But tomorrow was a different story. Who knew what it held? Only time could tell.
Now I am just making more because i feel bad that I stopped and won't be doing it for awhile. I know you guys aren't complaining but still . . . oh well.

Start: [link]

Part 15: [link]

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Edit: Sorry forgot to put these. Ooo, scenery.

Castle: [link]

Pond: [link]

Meadow: [link]

Edit 2: Picture found on Google
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