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February 21, 2013
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It was a day like any other. Green had challengers some won some lost and I watched. He didn’t usually let me battle. But right now we went home and I sat on the couch. He petted me as he read some papers.

Soon the doorbell rang. I sat up to see who was there. Green got up and then Pikachu charged for me. “Eevee!”

So Red was here. I got up. “Pika, I’ve missed you so much.”

Then Red and Green came inside and Sat on the couch. Pika was already getting mad. He liked when our trainers were together.

“So then,” Green said rubbing Red’s back.

“Don’t touch my Red!” Pika yelled.

“Pika,” I said.

“You wanna go?” Green asked.

I bit Pika’s tail and lead him away to Green’s room. “Pika, Green’s not that bad. Why do you reject their relationship?”

“Because that’s my Red. I’m always with him. He tells Green things he never tells me about. Come with me,” he said.

He left and I sighed. I followed him into the living room. We hid behind the couch. Red and Green were just kissing like they always did after they saw each other.

But then Red backed off. “I’ve come up with something. And I want you to hear me out,” he said.

“What’s that?” Green asked curiously.

“I want to move down here,” he said.

Pros and cons. Our trainers would be happy and I would get to see Pika a lot more. But Pika would never accept their relationship. I looked over to Pika who was baring his teeth.

He went to the front and growled at Green. I ran in front of Green. “Pika, calm down,” I said.

“NO! He’s changing Red. What about just Red and me? I’ve seen Red cry way too much over him,” he said. Sparks flew from his cheeks. Green knew better to say something with the look he was giving Green. Pika looked at my trainer like he wanted to kill Green. He might have to.

Pika lunched at Green and I intercepted with Tackle. I pinned him down. “Pika, listen to yourself. You’re not losing Red. He’ll still be there and you know hell make time for you. Red won’t desert you. And my trainer makes him happy. We can’t satisfy everything for our trainers.”

He looked up in shock. I’ve never one attacked him but I would in order to protect Green. Both humans watched us. Pika got out from under me. “How can you be so sure?” he asked.

I looked up at Red then a Pika. Trying to tell him to pay attention to him. Red picked Pika up and petted him. “I think I know what Eevee’s saying. You’re afraid I won’t pay attention to you right?” I nodded. Red smiled and said, “I won’t ever do that and you know it.”

“Even though it won’t be just you and him anymore. You two can’t be broken apart. Just think you have two more people with you. Me and Green,” I said with a smile.

Pika looked sad. It had always been just him and Red on Mt. Silver. Then he ran away into Green’s room.

“Eevee, you might want to go check on him. I don’t think Red wanted him to know that just yet. It might be too much for him,” Green said. I nodded and went to find Pika.

I found him in Green’s bed. I jumped up and sat beside him. “Pika?”

“How do I act when I hear this? I know I won’t lose Red but . . . with Green? I hate Green. No offence. I know he’s your trainer and all but you haven’t seen Red after one of their fights,” he said.

I laid beside him now and said, “You’re right I haven’t. But I’m guessing Red cries. But they won’t fight that much if Red’s down here. So don’t worry about it.” I licked his cheek. “We can get threw this. Remember when we helped Red and Green take down Team Rocket?”

“Yeah but . . .” he said.

“No, buts. We can do this,” I said. I rubbed my head on his. “So cheer up. But their physical relationship will change. I’ve seen it with Green’s ex-girlfriends. But I think Red and Green are great for each other.”

He lifted his head up to look at me. “You sure?”

“Yeah,” I said.

He looked down. “Alright. If you think it’s worth it I will give it a shot, (Name),” he said. He is the one who came up with (Name) as my nickname. He heard a male human call a female human that and thought the name was so beautiful name so he gave it to me.

I smiled. “Good. And now we can play and spend a lot more time together.”

He licked my cheek. “Yeah,” he smiled. “Thank you, (Name). I need a good friend like you,” he said.

I looked away. “Y-Yeah. We should go see how Green and Red are doing,” I said.

“Green!” Red moaned.

“Never mind. They’re mating,” I said. “So what should we do now?” I asked looking back at Pika.

He smiled and then licked my cheek. “How about we take a nap? I am tired from the trip and crying,” he said. “And since they will fall asleep out there we can use Green’s bed.”

“Yeah it’s way better than my bed,” I said. I got closer to him and put my head on his paw. He rubbed his head on mine.

“Good night, (Name),” he said.

“Night, Pika,” I said.
Alright i need to step away from Eevee But it's such a cute pokemon with so much potential. But Red and Green's Eevee and Pikachu i thought. Pikachu always has a problem with their relationship so . . . . yeah this happened.

i don't own pokemon. Just the story and my stupid little mind. Next might be a cute one with Pichu and Azurill. (corrected)

i don't own the picture and was found on
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I guess my name makes sense now Eevee Chiharu! bad joke I know. Cute story!!

akward Gay situation with red and green cause I read both Red X Reader and Green X Reader!Sweating a little...   
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Hi raven..I see you are making story's bout me? -3-
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togepi1234 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Student General Artist
I swear, that was the best line in the story
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