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I was taken to a different place than with Papa. I saw Papa be locked up and his hands were bound. That’s the last time I saw Papa for a long time. I missed him.

Mr. Germany was nice though, but I spent my time with Mr. Austria or Mr. Prussia. I liked spending time with Mr. Austria. We played on the Piano a lot with Ms. Hungary.

Papa told me to be strong and I was but I often cried myself to sleep and held my necklace Papa gave me. Mr. Germany, Mr. Prussia, and Mr. Austria acted like nothing happened but Ms. Hungary would comfort me.

Like now. I was crying in her lap. “It’s alright, (Name),” she said. “I wish they didn’t get you in this war. A little girl like you is so influenced with this.” She petted me head and my cries calmed down.  

Mr. Austria came in. “She still crying?”

“Yes,” Ms. Hungary said. “You could be more sensitive you know.”

“I don’t get why she cries to begain with. She’s not being treated like France. She could be a lot worse off,” he said.

“Roderich!” she yelled. “Stop it!”

He backed off and hen she got up. Placing me down on the bed and then left with him. I heard a lot of yelling and fighting. They would do this every so often. After that I cried myself to sleep again.  

When I woke up there was a loud bang. It was the middle of the night. I was scared obviously. I got up to lock my door. Then I headed to a corner and held my head. I heard footsteps go by and I held myself more.

I saw two shadows stop at my door and muffled speaking. They checked the door and it was locked. I thought they left but then . . . Bam! The door fell off it’s hinges to the ground. I saw two men in military clothing. They came in and looked around they didn’t see me beside the chair yet. It was a good hiding spot.

They first man was taller than the other one. He had blonde hair popping out from the helmet and he had blue eyes hidden behind small frames. The second man was shorter than the first. He also had blonde hair but he had purple eyes hidden behind the same frames as the first man. They looked similar is so many ways.

I almost wanted to go to the purple eyed man. He reminded me of Papa. But why? Papa had blonde hair and blue eyes. But this man was calling to me. I couldn’t. He could be the enemy too. He could want to hurt me. Just like how Mr. Germany was when he took me away from Papa.

“Matt, I don’t think she’s in this one. France is going to go crazy,” one man said.

“We need to find (Name). No matter what,” who I thought was Matt said.

They said my name and France. I heard Papa was called that by some people. So they weren’t the enemy anymore. They knew Papa and it seemed they were going to take me to him. Before I could get up to go to them, I saw him. Papa. He was coming in as they were about to leave. Papa was a little worse for tear but it was him. His hair was longer and he looked horrible. Covered in dirt, old tater clothes.

I ran to him and into his legs. “Papa!” I yelled.

“But I thought she wasn’t in here,” one man said.

Papa picked me up. “(Name),” he said softly. He rubbed my back. “My little girl.” Papa then cried into my hair.

“Papa, we need to leave,” Matt said.

“In a minute,” Papa barely said.

Papa and the two men took me away after that. We did stop until we were back at a base. With many different people. Papa took me over to a fire and sat down a log with me in his arms. I felt safe and overly happy. I was crying happily now.

“Were jou strong for Papa?” he asked. I nodded. “Good. Good.” He held me tighter.

“Well we found her. Now what, France?” someone asked.

“America, leave him alone. He just got her back. They’ll need sometime,” a different voice said. I couldn’t tell with the accents on who they were nor could I see them to be able to tell who they were.

I felt a hand touch mine. I looked and it was a man with blonde hair and green eyes. His eyes were soft and kind. Like Papa’s but not. He smiled. “Hello there, (Name). It’s nice to finally meet you. I’m England or Arthur. But you can call me Iggy if it get’s too hard. I hate to admit it because he’s right here but I’m France’s best friend.”

“Papa’s best friend?” I asked. Papa shook a little. I petted Papa’s head. “It’s alright, Papa. We’re together again right? I . . . I didn’t let them take it. Not my special treasure.”

He stared at me. “Mon Cher,” he said and then hugged me.

“Her treasure?” England asked. Papa let go of me a little and then showed him my necklace. “That’s the necklace I gave you.”

“(Name) fell in love with it. So I gave it to her,” Papa said. “And how could I say no to dis face.”

“You have a point there,” England said.

After that we all relaxed and went to our respected tents but England, Matt and the other guy came into our tent. We all sat down cross legged. I sat by Papa and England by us. The other two in front of us.

“So then this is Paris?” Matt asked.

“Yeah. That’s right jou’ve never met. (Name), this is your older brothers, America and Canada, Matt and Alfred; and England would be like jour other father,” Papa said. “And (Name) is Paris.”

“It’s nice to meet you, (Name),” Matt said. “I’m sorry if we scared you before. You looked really afraid before.”

“I thought you were bad men. Like Mr. Germany at first,” I said.

“Mr. Germany?” Papa asked.

I nodded. “But he’s really nice. Nicer than Mr. Austria. He was always yelling at me but then Ms. Hungary would yell at him,” I said.

“Seems like they haven’t changed,” Papa said. “But it’s been a long day and we got (Name) back. Merci beaucoup.”

“No need to thank us, Papa,” Matt said. “She’s our little sister too. Maybe tomorrow we can get to know each other better.” He smiled at me.

“Oui, that sounds like fun,” I said smiling back at him.

After that they left, well all of them except England. He stayed around and he and Papa talked. But I was really tired. Since it was like one am now. I felt safe with Papa, on his lap. He petted my head until I was asleep. It felt so nice. Me and my Papa back together again.
Why do i like to do Papa France X Child Reader now? . . . I don't know. But yeah.

Inspiration from this: [link]

I don't own hetalia, you, the comic above, the picture, ect. Picture found on google.

Also since i have a habit of it. Let me know if i used (Jade). I double checked but it still might be in there.
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