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February 5, 2013
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I went up to see them. I went behind Natsu and hugged him. “Hey, Pinky,” I said.

“(N-Name)!” He said.

“Oh, Hey, (Name). Long time, no see,” Gray said. “So you’re back?”

I smiled. “Yep.” I sat next to Natsu. “So I bet you’ve been a pain.”

“What?! No way!” he yelled.

I giggled and smiled. “Nice to know you haven’t changed,” I said.

“Who is this?” a blonde asked.

“Oh, this is (Name). She’s one of Natsu and I’s friends. She’s been on Mt. Hakobe as of late so we haven’t really seen her,” Gray said.

“(Name) has beautiful magic. Especially when it’s coated in red blood,” Happy said.

“Now that’s depressing,” I said. “It’s nothing special.”

“Why what type do you have?” a blonde asked.

“Water and Ice dragon slayer magic,” I said. “And I hear that you’re a celestial wizard.”

“How did you know,” she asked. Wow my guess was right. She was Lucy.

“I have my sources, Lucy,” I said. “But I don’t know you two.”

“Gajeel and Juvia,” Gray said.

“Oh, Cana said Gajeel attacked the guild hall and they were both in Phantom Lord,” I said. “I remember now.”

“How can you do that?” Natsu asked. “You’re so relaxed about that. Sure I’ve forgiven them but still. This is the first time you’ve heard of this. Ahh.” He slammed down on the table and left.

After an awkward moment of silence I said, “Alright then. Am I missing something? Levy told me not to be upset and so did Cana and Mirajane.”

“No, Natsu’s just in a bad mood. Because of you know,” Gray said.

“Oh, I forgot about that. It’s that time of the year so he would be on edge,” I said.

“It’d be best to stay away for awhile,” Gray said. “You too, Happy.”

“Alright,” I said. “It’s not that hard to figure out where he went anyway. Anyway. It’s nice to meet you two, Gajeel and Juvia. And to officially meet you Lucy.” I smiled.

We talked for awhile but Natsu being upset bothered me so I left and then went to where he was. He was in the park under the big tree.

I sat next to him. “Hey,” I said.

“Hi,” he said barely lifting his head from his legs.

“Listen I’m sorry, alright? I forgot about-”

“Don’t,” he said interrupting me. He didn’t want me to say her name. Lisanna. She dies a few years back and it was coming up.

“Alright,” I said. “Look-”  

“I said don’t!” he yelled. He looked at me and his eyes were filled with hurt.

I hugged him. “Alright.” I rubbed the back of his head. “It’s alright.”

“Jezz, you don’t have to coddle me,” he said pushing back.

I sighed. There was no way to calm him down. So then I did what I wanted to for years. I grabbed his head and kissed him. His eyes were in shock when I closed my eyes.

My lips heated up and I loved it. I was always so cold but I was feeling warm all over. Then I felt him relax and then held my cheek. It burned at his touch but in a good way.

I licked the bottom of his lip and he opened up. But he won in the dominance with our tongues. His mouth was like fire melting me away.

I moaned a little and he pressed harder. He loved that little moan.

I pulled back when I need air and put my hands on his shoulders. “W-Wow, (N-Name),” he said. “But I won the battle.”

I sat up. “Really? Way to kill a mood, Natsu.”

He got up and helped me up. “So then what do we do now?”

“I say we forget what the old man said and fight,” he said with a smile.

That goofy smile. It was so cute. “Alright. But you’re going down,” I said.

He’d never change. But I guess if I could make him stop feeling bad about Lisanna then I guess that was good enough for me and I did get to kiss him. Now I get to kick his ass. Which I did. I won that fight and then we kissed again.

I think I should stay down here and join his team. Maybe I’d get to kiss him a lot more. Lord, knows he loves it. He would randomly come up to me and kiss me. Guess we’re dating now.
Yay! Progression is awesome! Gray's is coming soon!

Start: [link]

Picture found on google. I don't own it.
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