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May 22, 2013
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Today started like any other. I was going to the opening of Frost and Leaf’s new café. I was really excited about it because they were my two best friends. No one minded that two guys were going to be running it. Come to think of it I was the only regular female Eevee at the Poképark.

It was a nice little café. It was two stories and had some tables inside as well as outside. It was amazing at the county side out there. The vines grew up on the sides and there was a large oak tree. Nice and peaceful.

Today I was going to help Frost since Leaf was gone today. He was going to get some tea and sweets today. Frost needed some help finishing the layout. Frost helped me with a table and then said, “Well we’re almost done today. Just these last chairs. Thanks again for helping me (Name).”

“No problem,” I said.  “You can repay me with my favorite cake.”

“Sounds like a deal,” I said with a smile.

We soon got the chairs there and I sat on one and him on another one. Frost looked so happy his and Leaf’s dream was coming to life. I always admired that about him. He always worked hard at what he did. Frost and Leaf had been planning this for years and it was now done. So he was really happy.

“What?” Frost asked.

“What, what?” I asked.

“You were staring, (Name). Don’t tell me you’re daydreaming,” he said.

“N-No,” I said. “I think it’s really cool to have your dream come true. I’ve never seen you so happy. It’s nice.”

“I agree,” a voice said. We looked over and it was our friends. Flame, Aqua, Bolt, Espe, and Umbre. Flame was the one who said it. They came over and sat down. “So Frost you finally got this place set up huh?”

“Yeah. Seems like only yesterday it was a hopeless dream,” Frost said.

“But you and Leaf have been working on this for along time now. I think it will be good for the Poképark to have this here. A nice relaxing place for friends to come to,” Espe said. He always did like nice and calm places. He liked to relax and here he could. I was beginning to wonder when he’d pull out a book.

“That’s no fun,” Bolt said. “You have to have some things in life to excite you. Like my field where you can run. (Name), you’ll come right?”

“Yeah, it sounds like fun,” I said. He smiled.

“Great,” he said.

“Alright, Romeo,” Flame said. “I think that’s enough for now.”

“Getting jealous? Are the flaming rage consuming you?” Bolt asked.

“That’s it!” Flame said. They then chased each other. We all laughed at them as they ran around.

“It’s a lot more relaxing now,” Espe said. I giggled again. “What is it, (Name)?”

“Nothing,” I said. “Anyway Leaf should be back soon right?”

“Yeah. Then I can get working on that cake for you,” Frost said.

“Cake?” Aqua said getting happy. “And if it’s (your favorite) because it’s for (Name), it’ll be great.”

“Hey guys!” Leaf said and he was with Sylv. “Sylv, why not rest with everyone. Frost and I’ll go make some tea and the cake.”

“Alright,” Sylv said and sat down next to us. Frost and Leaf left. I noticed Sylv had a new camera.

“New camera?” I asked.

“Yeah. You noticed huh?” Sylv asked. He always had one on his neck. “I got it at Misdreavus’s camera stand today actually.” He showed it off happily. “Hey I know we should take a picture to celebrate this.” He then went off to set up the picture.

Leaf and Frost came back out and set up the cake and tea. Flame and Bolt were inside and opened the window. “Guys, guess what? There was a call and they said Frost’s going to be in the newspaper!”

There was a flash of light and we all looked a Sylv. “Got it,” he said happily.

Later we saw the picture developed. Bolt and Flame were in the window with Flame yelling but he was happy. I was drinking from my tea as well as Espe. Aqua and Umbre were talking. Leaf was pouring some tea and Frost was holding an ‘Open’ sign really close to the camera. I knew that this would be a great start to this café and our new hang out spot.
I will be working on this with :iconvoiddiamonddragon: . So some will be mine and other's her's. But will be linked on this page. (like how it is in Pokeboys 7mh.) Uh, names are subject to change but that's what i came up with at the time. (Also for future reference this was made before info on Sylveon was released. Well besides Fairy type but that could change,)





Umbreon: Umbreon X Eevee Reader - Afraid




We don't own pokemon or the picture but our stories belong to us.
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