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I was still getting used to Iggy. He was a lot nicer then mom but still I wasn’t used to him. I still didn’t know if he would hit me. I did hate that I couldn’t talk to him.

I could talk but . . . I just couldn’t. I lost my voice. As much as I wanted to talk, I just couldn’t. Iggy knew I could but was too afraid to. Every time I spoke I got hit before. My mother hated me and she was an alcoholic. So she’d often hit me but then Iggy saved me.

He always said I should talk when I want to. Not when others said they wanted me to. France and America always wanted me to talk, but Canada and Iggy said I should take my time. Most of the time it seemed like Canada understood me the most.

He was kind and gentle with me. I felt happier with him when I couldn’t be with Iggy. We played all the time when we were by ourselves. I actually smiled and had fun. I couldn’t giggle though. Another thing I wished I could do but couldn’t. I only made a squeaking sound and Matt would look at me. He’d pick me up and smile. He knew I tried but couldn’t.

I cried a lot because I got frustrated that I couldn’t do anything. I was still too young to write so I couldn’t communicate that way. But Iggy said with me being London I should be able to learn fast when I am able to write.

Maybe I was really was going mute. I only said one word to Iggy. And that was his name when he first picked me up from the lawyer lady. Iggy was so happy then. He ended up crying and holding me. It’s the only time I’ve really seen him truly happy.

Iggy was usually working in his study, but he made time for me. He would cook, watch a movie or TV, knit or crochet with me. I loved learning how to knit and crochet. He would always let me help by letting me pick out the colors. I really liked the color (favorite color) so he let me use that.

Right now that’s what we were doing. We were watching (favorite movie) and knitting. We were just making a sweater for (favorite stuffed animal). Iggy liked making clothes for (he or she) since I carried (him or her) around with me all the time. It was the first thing Iggy gave me so I treasured it a lot.

We went shopping a week after me being with him and I saw it in a store. I really thought it was cute and Iggy saw this so he bought it for me. When we got home, he took it away and I thought that was it. But he said some weird words and then gave it back. He said he put a spell on it to protect me and to never let it go. And since then me and (stuffed animal’s name) haven’t been apart unless he needed to be washed but that’s when I would have my baths too.

“So then, love, what other color should this be besides (favorite color)?” Iggy asked me. I looked in the basket to all the different colors. He had a lot of different colors of yarn. Every one in the rainbow it seemed. I pointed to (second favorite color). “Hmm? (Second Favorite color)? That’s a good one. It’ll look great.” I smiled and so did he.

I held on to the yarn as he knitted. It was easier for him this way and it made it so I could help him. We were only using the second color to make the first letter of (stuffed animal’s name) name. (He or She) was right beside us in a scarf that I helped make.

“So then, Love. Anything exciting happen today with Matt?” Iggy asked. “Did you have fun?” I nodded my head. “That’s good. I heard you found out you liked football as well as hockey. I’m glad you like football. If you’re around Alfred though, he calls it soccer.”

I took the yarn off and then grabbed my notebook and pencil. I wrote, ‘Why does he call it something different?’

“Because we had a war and he changed a lot of the things I did. Football is soccer, chips are fries, crumpets are biscuits, biscuits are cookies. (I hope I got that right)” Then Iggy sighed. “Sorry, Love. I don’t mean to get you into this.”

‘You and America don’t get along. I’ve noticed,’ I wrote.

“It’s not like that,” he said. “It’s just after that war we’ve never been on the same level.” Iggy really cared about America but he’d never admit it. Iggy got really worried about him. Especially when some of the other countries got on him about something.

‘Iggy, you and America were close weren’t you?’ I wrote.

“Y-Yeah. He was my son for a long time. Both he and Canada were but they wanted independence and that’s what they got. Good thing you’ll never ask for independence.”

‘I’d never want to leave you, Iggy,’ I wrote. He read it and I smiled.

“(Name),” he said softly. He put the sweater and then hugged me. He rubbed the back of my head. “How about we finish this sweater?” he asked. He put me down ant then we went to finish the sweater.

The rest of the day we did our normal things. After supper I took a bath and then he put me in bed. He told me a story about when he was a pirate. This time it was about him finding a lot of treasure and fighting with Prussia, Spain, and France. Though he skipped the bad parts.

Then he kissed the top of my head. “Goodnight, (Name). I love you.”

I was half asleep and I said, “I love you, too, Iggy.” I soon went to sleep but I did see him smile and cry a little. I knew he was happy but I was too tired to stay awake.
Uhh, finishing started projects on PC.

Hetalia and pic belong to whom owns that. I know the pic is of Canada and America but I really liked it. Story is mine.
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The lights around them in the picture reminded me of the magi anime
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omg you got Canadian history in here, hetalia said that Canada was raised by was England and England was FOR confederation so they didn't go to war . _ .
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this is so tender it made me cry of cuteness Kawaii Kitten Avatar Free To Use! 
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I just found it on google. I think i searched daddy England in images and eventually found it
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Awwwwwwwwww! So cute!.....................And weird because I was random thinking up a story in my head where  I was a little kid found by Iggy and I turned out to be London..............Then I found this strange huh?
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Maple hockey this is so awesome
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Seriously, (and I feel bad for admitting this...) I'm not sure if it's from the damned eyelash that is still jabbing into my eye, the COLD air blowing around in the room, or this amazingly cute story, but I have tears pricking at the edges of my eyes (and - though if I wanted to save my pride, I wouldn't say this - I think it was the story that did this. Great job :))
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